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Bison Creek Villa Homestay at Coorg

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Bison Creek Villa Homestay

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Bison Creek Villa Homestay 

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About Bison Creek Villa Homestay

The rustle of leaves, that heady breeze, a distant call from the majestic peacock or a hornbill is sure to give you all that dose of peacefulness and will up the ante for a positive aura around you. Located at Devaldakere, a cozy town tucked in the western ghats, amidst a beautiful coffee plantation, cozy villa will gift you that perfect escape you have been craving for.

 The concept is slightly different from the other home stays or resorts .They do not classify ourselves into any of the clichéd categories of luxury, budget friendly, business or anything of the sort. They primarily cater to those guests who prefer to let their hair down and enjoy the natural wonder as they stay at our villa, explore the estate and the surrounding areas, to blend with nature and to experience the life of a coffee planter.

The beautiful villa, self designed by us opens up with a beautiful vintage tiled portico, a living room which has its own eclectic assortment of furniture, followed by two bedrooms along with attached bathrooms, and finally a petite open kitchen. The icing of the cake is a spacious dining hall in the estate where you have the luxury of dining out in the open. The exteriors of the villa is all of brilliant crimson, tiled roofing to give it that vintage feel, wide windows to open up to the wonders of the estate and cozy bedrooms to catch up on all that sleep you missed.

 Well, if you are lucky, you can catch up on the bison who visits the estate in the night or late in the evening as they enjoy chomping on the wild grass and quenching their thirst by the creek. Also, civet cats are regular visitors and if the coffee season is around then civet coffee is found in most parts of the estate (The most expensive and flavoursome coffee in the world). To add to your amazement there are several colourful birds flying all over the estate which are nestled in the big old trees. If you venture to the peak of the estate you can have a stunning view of the evergreen hills around. 

Other Facilities

  • • Luggage storage
  • • Parking
  • • Food and Drink
  • • Access to Coffee Estate
  • • Outdoor dining area
  • • Barbecue
  • • Dining table
  • • Kitchenware
  • • Stovetop
  • • Refrigerator
  • • Dining area
  • • Seasonal fruits
  • • Minibar
  • • Coffee/tea
  • • Television
  • • Running Hot Water

Tariff & Packages 

Check in Time  12.00 PM
Check Out Time  11.00 AM
Price  Rs 3000/- per person per night inclusive of all meals