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Our Native Village - Eco Resort at Bangalore

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Our Native Village - Eco Resort

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Our Native Village - Eco Resort

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About Our Native Village - Eco Resort 

Native Village community is committed to living in harmony with the environment. eco sensitive practices have received accolades at the World Responsible Tourism Awards 2008, and featured in the Asian Geographic Passport magazine (Feb-Mar 2010) as No.1 among the top 10 eco-friendly places to stay in India. Here’s how we live in harmony with our environment - Electricity: We generate 70 to 80 % of our electricity using a wind mill, solar panels and bio gas plants. All the electricity  generated is stored in a huge bank of batteries, and the retreat is connected to this mini-powerhouse. Book your stay at our Bangalore Resort and enjoy a therapeutic stay as you head to one of the best weekend getaways near Bangalore. Water: Most of the water we use is rain water harvested from a channeling system on the roofs of resort’s buildings. The water is filtered, and then stored in a large underground tank. Construction Material: The bricks used in the buildings were made on site using soil we dug out from the foundation. These bricks are sunbaked. Mud bricks are proven natural air conditioners as they insulate the interiors from extreme heat or cold. Zero Waste: All waste except plastics is processed and reused appropriately, the plastics are sent out to a recycling unit. Organic wastage is used in the bio gas plant and for composting, paper wastage is used for the bon fires and Gujarat Boilers. Similarly there are provision for black and grey water wastage as well. Organic Food: Most of the vegetables are home-grown. We have a 12 acre organic farm where we grow a large variety of vegetables and fruits for you to enjoy. Natural Personal Care Products: All the soaps and shampoo in the rooms are 100% natural, chemical free and handmade exclusively for Our Native Village. The cleaning products we use on the retreat too are chemical free. Swimming Pool: We have the regions first 100% natural and chemical-free swimming pool. This pond-style pool has aquatic plants, carbon filters and oxygenators to keep the water clean, fresh and circulating. Water Heating: Hot water for the bathrooms is provided using solar panels and Gujarat boilers. While mostly solar panels are used, on days when there is insufficient sunlight water is heated using Gujarat boilers which efficiently use a very small amount of waste wood to generate steam which in turn heats the water. Herbal & Medicinal Plants: We grow a wide variety of herbal and medicinal plants on the retreat. These find frequent use in our kitchen and spa. Growing these ancient flora is part of our aim to revive indigenous traditions and to protect the surrounding eco system. Book your stay at our Bangalore Resort and enjoy a therapeutic stay as you head to one of the best weekend getaways near Bangalore.


Complimentary Breakfast 23 km from Yeshwanthpur Metro and 45 km from Bengaluru International Airport Just 3 km from Nrityagram, Free Private Parking Spa Available, Business and Meeting Hall Village Themed Resort with fun activities near Bangalore Air conditioner ,TV, Naturally Eco-cooled rooms, kettle, coffee/tea maker Mini Library, private balcony Swimming Pool Business & Meeting Hall Eco Friendly Resort Near Bangalore Village Themed Resort Near Bangalore Fun-Filled Activities For Friends & Family Center For Arts & Culture PET POLICY .

Pets are welcome and keeping in mind the safety and comfort of guests and animals. There would be a per day fee of INR 1000 plus taxes for each pet. 2 pets maximum per room. The reservations office must be informed at the time of booking, regarding your need to bring along your animal companion. Guest agrees to immediately clean up after the pet in the room, or on the property grounds. Guest agrees to be responsible for all damage caused by their pets in the property and payment towards the damage caused must be settled at the property before check- out. Pets in transit are to be carried, restrained by a leash, or placed in an animal carrier. Pet food cannot be stored or presented outdoors at any time as this will attract other animals and pests. Guest assumes any and all financial responsibility for any damage caused in any way by the pet, including but not limited to, scratches, carpet cleaning, stained linens, hair removal, odor removal, or any other damage caused by the pet. Guest agrees to be mindful of the comfort of other guests and employees and agrees to minimize any noise caused by the pet. Guest will be financially responsible if the property has to compensate or move other guests as a result of any disruption by the pet. No pet shall be allowed to create any disturbance, injury or property damage. It is mandatory to carry your own pet food, food/water bowls, leash, carrier, bed, mats, blankets, pillows, pooper scooper, poop bags, grooming brushes and toys. Guests found in violation of this regulation will be fined and/or be asked to leave, forfeiting any remaining rental nights. The property reserves the right for additional restrictions and conditions. 

Tariff & Packages 

Check in Time 12.00 PM
Check Out Time 11.00 AM
Price Room with Lunch & Hi-Tea:  Rs 1,300 Room with Breakfast, Lunch & Hi-Tea: Rs 1,500 Room with Breakfast, Lunch & Hi-Tea, and Dinner: Rs 2,200 *taxes additional(Packages Per person/per day)